A home for every pet starts with a place in the heart
A home for every pet starts with a place in the heart





If you find a dog or cat and are not sure what to do, please read the what to do if you find a stray page which offers some suggestions and where you can go for help. After reading the section, if you end up rescuing the dog, or in circumstances where individuals need to re-home their own pet, our Private Adoption Assistance Program is available free to participants and prospective adopters.

As our space allows, Pet Orphans rescues dogs and cats from city and county shelters, and then provide them with the highest quality care until a loving, permanent home is found for them. Due to our limited space, we usually are full and will not be able to take in your animal, to inquire about Pet Orphans space availability, you can submit a request on the pet relinquishment form.

For individuals (“Participants”) who find it necessary to re-home a dog or cat, or for those who have rescued an animal and have been unsuccessful at locating the owner, we offer the opportunity for them to spotlight the dog or cat on this website in an effort to assist them with finding a new home. (Please read the section on Re-homing a Pet for further information.)

For dogs and cats that meet the following criteria, we will include a photo of the animal and a brief informative description. There is no cost for this program to the Participant or prospective adopters, and we will assume administration of the website. However, due to the lack of staff to handle calls about this program, we ask that the PARTICIPANTS AND PROSPECTIVE ADOPTERS NOT CALL Pet Orphans. These are private adoptions and prospective adopters need to contact the Participant listed for further information.

Before submitting a pet for inclusion, be sure that the pet meets the criteria listed below:

  1. The pet MUST be spayed or neutered before being submitted to Pet Orphans Private Adoption Assistance Program website. (Exceptions to sterilization include medical conditions or if under 6 months of age).
  2. The pet must be current on required shots.
  3. The rescuer has made all possible attempts to find the original owner.

Furthermore, prior to submitting a pet for inclusion, the Participant agrees:

  1. Not to contact Pet Orphans by phone, but may e-mail corrections and updates on the pet bio
  2. To immediately notify Pet Orphans Of Southern California by e-mail upon the successful adoption of the pet, and provide information on where the adopter learned of the pet.
  3. Weekly updates on pet's status of availability must be emailed to Tracy@petorphans.org every Friday. If updates are not received your pet's picture and bio will be removed and will not at anytime be reposted.

To submit your pet for inclusion, please send an e-mail to Tracy@petorphans.org with an attached digital photograph of the pet. Also include a complete description of your pet, including the current name, breed, sex, age, weight and information on the temperament and health of the dog or cat. Also list your name, telephone number and e-mail address where you can be contacted or receive messages from prospective adopters. We will be unable to include the pet without the above information.

Suggestions for Participants: Following is a “Pledge for New Dog Adopters” which we recommend you read, print out and utilize when screening prospective adopters. Most of the points are also appropriate for the adoption of cats.


  • I pledge to make a reasonable commitment of time and effort, and to affect scheduling and lifestyle changes in order to make this relationship work.
  • I pledge to make sure my dog is not exposed to the elements of weather without proper shelter, shade cover, dry ground, access to fresh water and at least 1 hour of loving companionship and play a day. (I understand this is a minimum and will strive to keep the dog with me as much as possible and treat him/her as an important member of my family.)
  • I pledge to provide appropriate and timely veterinary care for the life of my dog.
  • I pledge to provide my dog with the proper nutrition for optimum health, and to keep my dog the proper weight, neither obese nor emaciated.
  • I pledge to keep this dog indoors at night, and to include him/her in the activities of the household while we are home, as much as possible.
  • I pledge to keep my dog groomed and free of external parasites and matting (particularly behind my dog’s ears, under his elbows, his tail and thighs).
  • I pledge to spay or neuter my dog, if he/she is not already done.
  • I pledge to give my dog ample aerobic exercise daily, and make sure that at least three times a week he gets to run and play and get tired out.
  • I pledge to provide my dog with mental stimulation in the form of either play, interactive toys, training, or off-territory leash walks, DAILY.
  • I pledge to provide my dog with enough training and/or behavioral management so as to enable him to be a welcome part of my community, or managed safely.
  • I pledge to provide my dog ample outlets for his instincts (such as off territory leash walks/running, opportunities to sniff and explore the natural world, agility training, trick training, fun and rewarding obedience training, play with other dogs, etc.) so that he does not feel constantly frustrated, or develop behavioral problems because he is neglected or under-stimulated.
  • I pledge to provide a home in which my dog clearly knows there are certain rules to which I will insist on and he can count on.
  • I pledge to provide my dog with enough toys to satisfy his urge to chew.
  • I pledge to get professional help if my dog has or develops behavior or temperament problems, and, if safe, to manage my dog carefully so as not to endanger the people and other pets in my community.
  • I pledge to do everything I can to keep my dog from becoming a nuisance in my community.
  • I will not allow him to run free/out of my control, chase cars, bicycles, children, etc.
  • I will seek professional help to get my dog to be quiet, or keep him quiet both when I am home and away, so as not to disturb my neighbors.
  • I pledge to “scoop poop” from my dog when off my property, so that my dog and other dogs will always be welcome in public.
  • I pledge that if I have to move residences for any reason, I am aware that finding housing that accepts pets can take longer than average, but that I will commit to moving with my dog, as I would move with a member of my family.
  • I pledge that if, for any reason, I can no longer keep this dog, I will not abandon this dog, and I will return the dog to the shelter (if adopted from a rescue shelter) or leave ample time to find a new, appropriate home, tell the new owners truthfully all the dog’s behaviors, good and bad, and follow up occasionally to make sure the dog is safe and content.

PARTICIPANTS AND PROSPECTIVE ADOPTERS: In order to be able to provide this FREE service to the public, it is important that the Participants and prospective adopters recognize Pet Orphans does not have the staff to handle incoming calls regarding these pets. Furthermore, these animals have not been met by any representative of Pet Orphans and we have no knowledge of their health, temperament, history, etc., and as such, Pet Orphans assumes no liability for these animals.

PROSPECTIVE ADOPTERS: If you are interested in one of the animals that appears on our Private Adoption Assistance Program web pages, YOU NEED TO CONTACT THE RESCUER DIRECTLY. Do not contact Pet Orphans as we will not be able to provide you with any information on the pet or Participant.

Suggestion to Prospective Adopters: We recommend you read and keep a copy of an Adopters Bill of Rights which follows.


  • You have the right to adopt the best dog/cat you have ever met.
  • You have the right to adopt a dog or cat that has not bitten and broken skin on a human.
  • You have the right to adopt a dog that will be safe with children in the neighborhood.
  • You have the right to adopt a dog that has not killed another dog.
  • You have the right not to be blamed if the dog you adopt turns out aggressive.
  • You have the right not to be blamed for NOT adopting a dog that has been at the shelter for too long, or to choose NOT to adopt a dog (and not to be made to feel guilty) because the dog has been sheltered long-term.
  • You have the right not to be pressured to adopt an incompatible dog or a dog you don’t readily connect with because/even though the alternative is euthanasia.
  • You have the right to be educated, and explained the reasons why you are refused an adoption, so that you can make changes in order to become a conscientious pet owner.
  • You have the right to be treated with respect, courtesy, and professionalism.
  • You have the right to inquire and receive as much prior behavioral and medical history on the dog that is currently available.
  • You have the right to be informed of the dog’s actual age, and if the actual age is not known, to receive the best guess from a shelter professional.
  • You have the right to be informed of the dog’s actual breed or breed mix, and if not known, to be given the best guess from a shelter professional, with no euphemisms or avoiding breeds that conjure up public fear (e.g. Pit bull, Chow, etc.).
  • To have the right to expect the shelter/former owner to stand behind its dogs/puppies, and accept them back AT ANY TIME, for ANY REASON, should the need ever arise in the dog’s lifetime.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The dogs and cats shown below are courtesy listings for private rescuers or for individuals who need to re-home their own pets. CONTACT THE INDIVIDUAL WHO IS LISTED AT THE BOTTOM OF EACH BIO. DO NOT SEND ANY E-MAILS OR CALL Pet Orphans ABOUT THESE PETS – we will have no additional information to provide you. All information has been provided by the program participants.


Hi my name is Charlotte. I am an 11-year old spayed female. I am the color of an Abyssinian, and though just as regal, I am actually a DSH. I am a fat and very happy Queen who has to put up with three royal subjects. My humans thought I would like to have two brothers and a sister but did not realize that I need to be an only cat. I love my humans, and at times I may even love my royal subjects (the other cats that infiltrated my castle), but they can be annoying with their games and playing together. Most of the time I just want my humans to love me and only me. They waste their time on the other ones (I can't really call them cats can I?), playing catch and hide and seek and "string". I want my own string.

My humans and I had a talk and we all decided that I am better off living with a family that has no kids (I am scared of the ones that grab my tail and chase me around the house). I like the ones that are older, maybe in high school. We agreed that I shouldn't live with other feline subjects and I never did like those canine things. They make a lot of noise and want to play rough games with me. I am 11 and fragile. I was told they mean well, but I am too old to learn to love them. I just want to sit on my humans' laps, lick your hands and fingers, purr and curl up while you read your books. I especially love to sleep between your legs (I have to settle for one human at a time though). But if you prefer, I can sleep at your feet or by your head or between your arm and heart. I love to hear your heart beating while you sleep.

My humans are wonderful people, have no children and the problem is, they love to rescue other cats. The other feline subjects get along and the problem is me. I am selfish and want my humans all to myself. The more humans the better.

The other problem is that I am getting old and this other female is going to become Queen one day (it's just the way with the animal Queendom) and the dignified Queen that I am, I can't take this. My humans do love me; they just really want a nest full of other cats.

I am in good health, though I have a tough of arthritis in my hind legs. I get shots 4 times a year and I feel like a kitten again.

I hope to hear from you!

Waiting to be your one and only royal Queen.
Charlotte le Chat

Please contact my humans at the following number or email: Sarah-Elizabeth Ratliff (805)524-7888 or nyalien@mac.com



Maddie is a very loving 5 year old cat, that I must find another home for because she's not doing well with my other cat. She would do best as the only cat in the house, though she doesn't have a problem with dogs. She would love to have someone home with her in the day, as she lives for curling up with you to take a nap. She's a 10 lb, domestic long hair, declawed in the front, and spayed, has always been healthy, and up to date on her shots. It kills me to let her go, but I want to find her happy home. Please email nicd77@hotmail.com or call 310.210.2884.


Name: ROXY
Age: 3 years
Sex: Female
Breed: DSH
Color: White
Weight: 8 lbs

Roxy is an indoor only cat as she is declawed. I rescued her about a year ago and she was full grown so her exact age is unknown. She is very affectionate and loves people, but she has difficulty adjusting to new animals. She would do well as the only pet in a home; I sense that my other cat irritates her. She seems to tolerate kids well, but she likes to have a space to retreat if they get to rowdy. I think she would do best in a home where she will get lots of attention.

Jenette Kyte
(818) 438-7450


Breed: German Shepherd/Am Staff-type mix
Color: Brindle
Age: 3 Years
Sex: Male
Altered: YES
Size: Large (60 lbs)
Location: Corona
Phone/Email: sparkles@dm.net
Good with Kids?: Jumps up
Good with Dogs?: YES
Good with Cats?: YES
My name is Bengal, my old family found me in a parking lot when I was just a baby, so they don't know much about my family, but they think I'm a German Shepherd mix. . They named me Bengal because of my stripes. But they had to move and I couldn't go with them to their new place. So I'm living here at Kamp Kaos until the nice people here find me a new family. I'm about 3 years old, but still act like a puppy. I'm a very energetic boy, and although I have some basic obedience (I know sit, down and stay, as well as other things like "off, leave it and "crate" (which means run into my crate for a treat!). I'm quite a handful, if I do say so myself. Sometimes I get a little excited and might knock down a small child because I want to be close to them. I grew up with cats and like to play with them. I'm housetrained and usually sleep inside on the foot of the bed or in a corner of the room. I also know how to sleep in a crate or stay in a crate for a few hours. I get along with all the other girl dogs here and some of the boys, but there are just so many of them that I think it'd be nice to live where there was only one or two other dogs and I didn't have to share my people with so many other dogs. I love attention from people. Curling up on the couch and watching TV is one of my favorite past-times. I also love hiking, my old family used to take me hiking a lot and it was fun. **Bengal lives with 9 Siberian Huskies, ranging from 12 weeks to 12 years old. He gets along with everyone, although he finds the intact male somewhat obnoxious, but they do play together while supervised. He is somewhat hyper, but with attention settles down. Laura A Kaos Siberians www.dm.net/~sparkles/

(Daddy of PUPPIES below)


Staffordshire mix, 55 lbs, male, neutered.
Bruce is about 1 years old, has a beautiful face with the sweetest eyes which constantly beg for hugs and attention he never had before. His previous owner left him starving and without shelter. He is extremely grateful to now be in a warm place and well fed. He was held in an LA Shelter as evidence in an Animal Cruelty case against his owner.

Bruce is currently in fostercare in Santa Clarita, sharing the doggie guest house with his 6 pups and the Mommy. It is a little cramped so he is looking forward to his own place where he does not have to compete with 6 puppies for attention. He loves to go for walks, more chances of meeting people and getting pats. He seems to like other dogs but since he just recovered from kennel cough, he has not been nose to nose with other dogs after he left the Shelter, except for his roommates of course. He is very playful, loves to tumble around with the pups and Mommy or taunt them with a toy.

Please contact his foster mom in Santa Clarita,

Carla Bollington
(661) 313-2153
(661) 299-6582



My name is Anna Armstrong, I am writing to you as I have no choice but to put my beautiful pet dog Diamond up for adoption. Diamond is a beautiful female Rottweiler. She is 3 years old. Her birthday was 02/06/02.

She is an amazing pet and would be a great addition to any loving home. She is very funny, playful, and loves to be hugged and held. Diamond is a very smart, warm, and caring animal. She has a great temperament and is very friendly, especially towards children. I have a 14 year old daughter and whenever her friends are over to play Diamond always hangs out with them. Diamond has been spayed and is up to date on all vaccinations. Diamond is very well behaved and loves to go out for walks and runs.

I can be reached via e-mail: Armstronganna1@aol.com or contacted on my cellular (562) 577-4208 for more information.
Sincerely, Anna Armstrong.

(Mommy of PUPPIES below)


Rottweiler mix, 65-70 lbs., about 1-2 years old.
Donna is the sweetest girl I have ever met. As soon as you sit down on the floor she is on your lap, her puppies don't stand a chance if I would not lock Mommy and Daddy out once in a while. She has a beautiful smile, white teeths that are worn down a little, from trying to escape from her previous owner. She, her 6 pups and the Daddy were near starving and had no shelter when they were impounded in an LA Animal Shelter as evidence in an animal cruelty case against their owner. She is a little more mellow than her pups and the Daddy but she loves to play with the toys and her family. But most of all she wants to be hugged by a human, she is sweeter than sweet.

Please contact her foster mom in Santa Clarita,

Carla Bollington
(661) 313-2153
(661) 299-6582



Please help me find a home for our pet who we cannot house anymore due to unfortunate situations. We had to make a quick move out of our home and now we are finding ourselves unable to bring him with us. We love him dearly and would like to know that someone with a caring heart will take him in and love him as well. His name is Flik, he's a full breed Rotteweiller and he's 7 yrs. old weighing 115 lbs. He's a very playful dog and he's a great watch dog too. He's good with kids and other small dogs. He's in good condition, no scars or never been in a fight. He's updated with all his shots.

Please help us.
Thank you,
Lynn Giannavola
714-417-9648 home
714-863-5060 cell
714-863-7959 cell
Orange, California

Please contact or respond to lrosegiannavola@yahoo.com


GEPHETTO...a 22 lb, wire-haired terrier mix ...about 4 - 7 yrs old (great teeth)..and a little sight challenged. (ie: limited sight in one eye only). Rescued from South Central Shelter as an owner turn in, it is speculated that his humans dumped him because they didn't want to deal with a blind dog. Sad, as Gephetto is well adjusted. He has apparently been with limited sight for awhile. His eyes show that cataract are only a part of the cause - someone must have caused injury to his eyes. Apart from his sight, Gephetto has is a playful, interacting personality who enjoys the company of both people and dogs. He seems to ignore cats. Housebroken and uses a doggy door. Looking for an adult home who will open up their heart to such a wonderful dog. Please contact Arlene Ober at 818.708.2797 or email: oberarlo@aol.com for more information.



Honey She is about 2 years old, all American mix temporarily called &Honey& because she is the sweetest, most intelligent, and artistic girl with caramel mottles on her white coat. A trim 40 pounds, house-trained and rides in the car beautifully. A relaxed easy going dog who would make a great family friend. She loves humans to the exclusion of all other dogs who neeeds to live in a one dog family home. Please call 213-620-6252 or email me at carolkaufman@sbcglobal.net


Breed: Lab mix
Sex: F
Age: 4 1/2
Weight: 40 - 45 lbs
Jackie is a young, healthy & playful dog, she has shots & loves children. She can only be in a household with no other pets, or male dogs only. The reason her owners can't keep her anymore, is because she fights with their other female dog. If there was a solution 2 the problem, they would love 2 keep her & they'll keep her until a good home will be found.

Anna - 323-655-5563



Hi! I'm Josephine and I'm 10 weeks old and have already been shuffled around a bit. These people's dog had a litter of 8 and they took 6 of them to the city shelter; my sibling and I avoided this when two little neighborhood boys took us to their houses. Well, the boy who took me home was wrong when he thought that his Mom would let him keep me. She declared that I, too, would be taken to the city shelter. Fortunately, this nice lady Rebecca offered to find a different solution. I am temporarily staying with her and her 2 year old female dog while a forever home is located for me but they live with a roommate in an apartment and I can't stay there forever.

Rebecca made sure that I had visited the vet for a general checkup and I got my first set of shots and a deworming. She is also teaching me to sleep in a crate and everytime I start sniffing around for a place to eliminate, she rushes me outside and praises me when I go. She also is teaching me that it is good manners to sit when someone asks. She says that I am very smart and sweet and affectionate. I get along well with her dog; we play together and take naps near each other. She (the dog) tells me off on occassion but I have listened to her well but being that she is 80 pounds, I would be silly not to.

If you are interested in becoming my family, contact Rebecca Dane at (310) 720-9288.



Beautiful Leica, a Shep/Aussie mix, was rescued from a the South L.A. shelter with nine of her puppies. The puppies have all been placed and now Leica needs a fabulous home. Leica is so intelligent [she'll look you right in the eye and steal your heart], funny, and loving. She's about one and a half years old, 42 pounds, spayed, and house-broken. Please call her foster mom [who loves her to pieces but has five dogs of her own and cannot keep her] at (323) 661-4772.
Thanks, Chela



There are 6 adorable puppies, ready to go to a good home. There are 3 black females, all with a white chest, it is tough to tell them apart. Two of the brindle puppies are male, including the little runt who spent a couple of days in the intensive care in the hospital. He is the smallest but sure is feisty now that he is back on all four legs. He still needs to rest a little bit more than the others but he is catching up pretty fast. The 3rd brindle is a pretty girl with a white line over her nose and a big white spot on the back of her neck. These puppies were born beginning of February, had a very tough beginning but seem to have recovered completely from their ordeal. They are very rambunctious and bad influence on their parents, Bruce & Donna, who begin to think they are puppies as well.

Please contact their foster mom in Santa Clarita:

Carla Bollington
(661) 313-2153
(661) 299-6582



"Rotty" is an 18-month old Rottweiller mix that needs a home. I have had her spayed. She is very affectionate and is good around other dogs. She is approximately 60-65 pounds. Contact Loiuse Adams at 818-342-8245.



Scout is a 2 year old male part Chihuahua, part Pug. He is about 13 lbs, neutered, has all his shots and is in great health. He is very sweet and playful, but he and my other dog do not get along. (I think having two male Chihuahuas is the problem.) Scout needs a loving home with someone who will give him a lot of attention. He is probably best in a one dog home (although I have had girl dogs live with me for periods of time and he loved them, so maybe he would be great with a little girl dog as well). He has all the benefits of a small dog (loves to snuggle on the couch, sleep with you) as well as the benefits of a big dog (very athletic, loves to go on hikes, can do Runyun Canyon without breaking a sweat). A $100 fee (donated to the rescue of your choice) as well as a home visit is required. If you are looking for a great buddy, travel companion and loyal friend, send me an email or call.
jackson11113@hotmail.com or (310) 246-6786 (Kenyon)



I have a sheperd greyhound mix that I need to find a home for her. She is 7 years old, she is very friendly, loving and loves to be around people of all ages. Her name is Shelby. She weighs 60 lbs. Here is a recent picture of Shelby.
Please Email me back at your convenience at littlebirds44@earthlink.net
Thank you in advance
Maggie Merino,
My number is 818-985-3921



Spencer is a recently rescued pooch with a heart of gold. This neutered and house-trained boy is a 10-month to 1-year old Pointer mix of approximately 60lbs. Spencer plays gently with children and dogs of all sizes, even smaller, active dogs, and is usually submissive. He would do best in a home where there is a lonely dog who wants a buddy when everyone is away at work and school. A squirrel chaser, Spencer is a good-natured, sensitive, and endearing guest in our foster home. We look forward to helping him find the right family and pooch to take him in and love him forever. Could that be you???

Mark Davis



German Shorthaired Pointer/American Staffordshire Terrier, Mix
Size: Large
Age: Young (approx. 2y)
Sex: Male, neutered
Call the Weaver Hot Line at 949.244.8772
** FREE obedience training comes with Weaver! **

My name is Sir Weaver Poopalot. I ran away from home. My previous owners had my old dirty collar so tight that it rubbed my neck raw. One day, when no one was looking, I chewed through the dumb nylon rope they had me tied with, and made my escape. I was running down Euclid Ave in Ontario, a very busy, 4 lane highway. A real nice lady came along and rescued me. I didn’t hesitate to jump in her little sportscar, my ride to a better life!

She took real good care of me for a few weeks, but she’s a renter on a Ranch where an aggressive Jack Russell Terrier lives. That little pipsqueak kept picking fights with me. I know I’m much bigger and stronger, so I took it easy on him when he attacked me. Poor little fella has a big case of “Small Dog Syndrome.” My rescuer made arrangements for me to stay at a foster home temporarily until she could find my forever home. She still takes me on weekends and works with me, and is committed to finding a Royal Family that will recognize what a Prince I am!

Weaver notes:
About 2 years old.
70 pounds.
3 year rabies certificate.
Up to date on all shots and wormed
Weaver will be micro chipped prior to placement in his forever home.
We tested Weaver's temperament upon arrival. He showed no signs of dominance or aggression with humans. He is affectionate with children, but we recommend older children who are “knock-proof.” He is not food possessive. He gets along fine with most dogs. If they like him, he likes them.
Weaver is an excellent running companion, protector and bed warmer. He loves to go for walks and ride in the car, and is a perfect gentleman who is so content to be indoors with his human(s).
Weaver can climb, so a wood or brick fence at least 6 feet tall is needed if he is left unattended. The few times he escaped at his foster home, he did not run away, but stayed close.
The girls at the vets office said Weaver was great, no trouble at all but super strong.
Weaver is very quiet and seldom barks.
Weaver is quite well balanced. He is active outdoors, but quiet and calm indoors. He knows how to sit and shake hands.
For a more comprehensive bio, call the Sir Weaver Poopalot Hot Line at 949.244.8772 or email sage@sagency.net.

For more information on adopting or volunteering, please call us at 818-901-0190, or e-mail us. Please indicate if you are under the age of 18. You can also fill out our volunteer application on-line: to do so, click here.

If you have found a stray animal, or need to give up a pet, please read the following before contacting us: Because of the overwhelming pet overpopulation crisis that Pet Orphans Of Southern California and many other humane groups face every day in Los Angeles, it is difficult for us to fulfill requests to take in dogs or cats from the public. If you have a found a stray animal, please read our Found a Stray section for resources on how to place this animal. If you have a pet you need to give up, please read our choosing to rehome a pet section. Thank you.



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